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black star aeon

give me, hands
that cleave to find
like boughs of a
dead trunk

a face, from years forgotten
and cry
that I no more
belong to me

and when to look
into my abyss
you freeze of death
You are, like a black star

mirror of my soul


on these tears
lay down, and wait
for becoming

an abandon
to soothe
all your fears

a pure heart
to soothe
and leave

fate drainer

fall back in time
where lain in fields of flash
put your feet in the stream
and bleed until dry slow

arms raise like wings
to give sense
to motionless air
for a rock, of shouts and hopes
that is heart

like little stems we stand
under dirt and ruins
where still agitate
winter wolves

and search to crawl
what runs and hides
our will to know will rise
and I am lost

in these veins
still rains in torrents
an hiem that knows
all is
take care and bleed